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College Resources

My main focus as a high school teacher was to help students prepare for college and be successful once they were there. I developed the materials below and shared them with my students at different points on their journey to postsecondary education. I hope they can continue to be useful to students and the teachers, counselors, and parents who are helping them along on that journey.

Getting from Freshman Year to Freshman Year
This 34-page handbook is a compilation of resources that I presented to my students over the years. Ideally, ninth graders would read this shortly after beginning high school.
The handbook's introduction mentions a three-day unit I designed to teach my freshmen about college. This unit is described in detail in "Fostering Student Desire for Postsecondary Education," which can be found on my Academic Writing page.

18 Thoughts on the Undergraduate Experience
This 4-page handout, aimed at high school seniors, includes 18 suggestions to help students create a positive and successful undergraduate experience.

This 5-page handout, aimed at college freshmen, includes a template for setting goals for college and for life.

Me with my 5th period students back in 2002. Slightly cut off is the question I kept posted above the chalkboard: What have you done today to prepare yourself for college?

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